• Awareness – of the different modes of literacy and how each mode can function independently or in connection with other modes
  • Access – to cultural and political communication modes necessary to be engaged participants in social change
  • Collaboration – between consultants and communicators generates shared knowledge and understanding
  • Dialogue – between consultants and communicators contributes to generative thinking about the composing process
  • Acceptance – of where each person begins as they pursue their communication goals


The Multiliteracy Centers, comprised of the University Writing Center, the University Speaking Center, and the Digital Action, Consultation, and Training (ACT) Studio, provide communication support for students, faculty, and staff in two ways: through one-on-one and group sessions that focus on dialogic feedback and through customized classroom workshops that address specific learning objectives. Consulting sessions focus on conversations about the writing, speaking and digital designing process; these sessions promote a collaborative, non-hierarchal approach that sees consultants who work with writers, speakers or digital designers as participants in a learner-centered exchange that values shared knowledge.

Our Mission

To support students, faculty, and staff in their awareness of how multiple literacies (written, oral, spatial, visual, gestural, and multi-modal) impact ways of learning, communicating, and composing.

Recent News

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Excellence at the Center
May 22, 2018

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INNOVATE Grant Awarded
February 12, 2018

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