Our Centers

 mwp_uncg-April_2014-70The Writing Center

The mission of our Writing Center is to connect writers with readers. This helps to make good writers better writers. It also encourages writers to develop an awareness about themselves that will help them after they leave the Writing Center.

IMG_3664-1The University Speaking Center

The University Speaking Center provides consultation support and instructional services for UNCG students, faculty, employees, and members of the Greensboro community. Our support is designed to help speakers further develop their own oral communication confidence and competence. We provide feedback, guidance, instruction, and other support for oral communication.  We do not operate from a one size fits all philosophy, we never have.

dacts4Digital ACT Studio

The Digital ACT (Action, Consultation, and Training) Studio supports students, faculty, and staff in their effective creation or incorporation of digital media into projects. Consultants act as a trained, engaged audience, providing feedback on slide presentations, video projects, podcasts, digital photography, websites, and blogs by offering collaborative, dialogue-based consultations.